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Bill is 100% PRO-LIFE and will defund Planned Parenthood completely.

Bill supports the heartbeat bill and any bill that will reduce the number of abortions.

Bill believes that the circumstances of a childÕs conception should not condemn his or her future. 

Bill believes in the sanctity of life and will only support an exception to save the immediate life of the mother

Bill is a board member of the Hope Clinic for Women (a womenÕs health center that provides counseling and options and does not perform or refer abortions)


Bill opposes efforts to wash away TennesseeÕs history.

Whether itÕs a part of our history that is prideful or painful, Bill believes our history is there for us to learn from. 

Bill opposes the cultural movement to erase our unique American history, and heÕll stand firm in favor of our Tennessee values.



Bill is a Christian, and believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.

As a constitutional conservative, he believes the Supreme Court made the wrong decision outside of the democratic process.



Bill believes that it is up to the states to fight for the 10th Amendment, and that it is the role of the governor to protect our state sovereignty.

Our founders never intended for a system in which 40% of our budget was controlled by federal strings, and when the federal government oversteps it's authority, the GovernorÕs job to fight back.


Bill believes in biological science that there are two sexes: Female and Male, and that gender is determined at birth. Bill will defend any community who is attacked for recognizing this fundamental truth.

He would combat any effort by the Dept of Education or any social movement to infringe the privacy rights of students, and will do everything in his power to defend our schools from threats of lawsuit or intimidation. School leaders who exercise common sense will know they have the protection of our state government.

As Governor, Bill will not allow the privacy rights of every student to be sacrificed for the social movement of a few.


Bill knows that the phrase, Òseparation of church and state,Ó has been twisted. It wasnÕt meant to keep people of faith out of government, it was intended to protect people of faith from the government.

He knows that religious liberty is foundational to the founding of our government, and is ready to defend it from attack. The right to conscience, free expression, and the right to live your faith privately, in the workplace, or through public service should be defended at all costs.


Bill believes it is wrong to take your rights and sell them back to you as a privilege.  Bill has committed to working towards cutting our carry permit fees to ZERO, and he does not believe you should not have to pay a fee to the government to exercise your constitutional rights.

Bill has also committed to signing a constitutional carry bill if brought to his desk.

Bill believes that constitutional rights donÕt stop when you enter a public university, and it is unfair for us to deny students the same rights we give to faculty and employees.

He opposes any bans on so-called Òassault weaponsÓ and believes we should never parcel out a constitutional right based on an arbitrary age designation.
You can read more on Bill's thoughts on school shootings here .



Bill believes the AG should be closer to the people, and AG should be nominated by the Governor and approved by the legislature.


ÒA job created in Tennessee is better than a job brought to Tennessee.Ó – Bill Lee

Bill knows weÕve focused way too much on giving away incentives to big business, and believes we must ensure that weÕre lowering the tax rate for everyone so that small-and-family owned businesses have a level and easy playing field to compete. In his administration, he will bring new levels of transparency and accountability to the ECD.


Bill is the first candidate to roll out a free-market set of policies for improving the environment for all businesses including:

Enacting an immediate regulatory freeze and requiring all departments to submit annual reductions in regulatory impact

 Reforming our state tax code to level the playing field for all employers, remove tax obstacles to business capital investments, and lower the rate to be competitive with our states.

Returning vocational education to our public school system for real job skills.

Trimming our burdensome approach to occupational licensing



The jobless recovery that so many communities of facing is exacerbated greatly by an ever-growing skills-gap. Today 1-in-7 working age males have quit the workforce altogether (a figure that doesnÕt show up in our unemployment rate).

As the leader of a company that employs hundreds of skilled tradesmen, Bill understands that our jobs problem is fundamentally a workforce development problem. To address the gaps our education system, Bill built a trade school housed in Lee Company, to deliver industry-certified curriculums in HVAC and plumbing.

And while our TCATs and financial access programs can help, Bill believes that we can more effectively partner with the private sector to deliver real career and technical education to our public school students beginning in HIGH SCHOOL. But to accomplish that, we need someone who understands what itÕs like to run a business. Our industry leaders can and should be more than the end beneficiary of our workforce development efforts. They should be an integral partner in those efforts.

For politicians, vocational education is a talking point. For Bill, vocational education is his life.


Bill knows how to manage a budget. To save his company after the recession, he cut their budget from $100 million company to a $60 million company. It was hard, but he made the tough decisions that were needed to survive. HeÕll bring that same attitude to state government.

And itÕs needed now more than ever: Our state budget expenditures have grown by 32% since 2011. Over that same time, inflation has been around 8% over that same time, and our population has grown by 5%.  This accelerated growth in the state budget creates the conditions for a real crunch when the next economic downturn hits.

Bill will actually stick to the Copeland Cap amendment, and he will reform the budget process to make sure that we fund our needs before our wants and that no non-essential programs will feel their budget is ÒguaranteedÓ just because they were funded last year.

We have to separate our needs from our wants, and define clearly that saving for the economic downturn in a meaningful way isnÕt a luxury, itÕs a requirement.


Bill opposed the Gas Tax.

Bill has real world experience managing a budget in the private sector, and he believes that when you have to pay for something you need, your first move should be to cutting out your wants. The state budget is $37 billion and he would have found a way to pay for our roads and infrastructure without raising taxes.

When Bill is elected Governor all options for reducing taxes are on the table.


Bill believes we can do so much more to promote the dignity of work for every citizen.
That means work requirements, and job-training to ensure citizens move from a life of dependence on the government to personal independence.

Work requirements are crucial for able-bodied on entitlements like TennCare, where increased investments in patient accountability and responsibility.



Bill knows that taking on debt punishes our grandchildren more than it benefits us. And its not just state debt we have to control, but the debt loads of local governments. Improving borrowing practices and ensuring that the people have a say before politicians indebt the next generation will be a top priority for Bill.


Bill believes that our post-secondary efforts can only reach their potential if paired with a decisive shift in how we provide true skills training in high school.

Under his leadership, Tennessee will lead a new expansion of vocational, technical, and agricultural education that will change the way high school looks, including industry certifications, apprenticeships, and a new pathway for training and developing industry-level instructors.



BillÕs children were educated through a mix of public, Christian-private, and home-schooling.
Bill believes that decisions about education are best made in the home by parents, and that every parent in this state should have multiple, high quality education options to choose from for their children.   Bill believes we should be open to ideas like education savings accounts as part of the solution for students across our state.


Bill will fight for a fair-market salary for teachers and for pay raises that make it to the teacher.
Bill believes our system should reward educators for their hard work and results, and give every teacher the freedom to let their talents shine. Professional development, taking on leadership roles, and outstanding performance should be rewarded.



Bill believes we should reduce our testing burden, and ensure any tests we do have are more meaningful.



Right now in Tennessee, high schools students must take, but they donÕt have to pass, an exam composed of selected questions from the United States Naturalization (citizenship) exam.

Bill will expand our civics requirements so that anyone who gets a Tennessee diploma must demonstrate that they are ready for the responsibilities of citizenship.

BillÕs deeply disappointed with the treatment of American history and values in our public education system.

Bill believes we must ensure that our constitution is lifted up and respected.


Bill is not endorsed by the National Education Association or their affiliates and he is not seeking their endorsement. 

Bill does believe non-partisan organizations like Professional Educators of Tennessee have a productive role to play in our education system.



Bill believes that we must ensure due process, and will work for the necessary reforms to ensure that innocent people are not deprived of their property and 4 th Amendment rights.


Bill opposes all forms of amnesty, and does not believe government should reward illegal behavior. As governor, Bill will stop any effort to start a sanctuary city. Bill supports President TrumpÕs effort to build a wall to defend America.


Bill has been to the Middle East. He has compassion for those fleeing a bad situation, but believes anyone entering this country should be vetted and that security should be our first priority above all else.


Bill understands that the primary duty of any governor is to enforce the rule of law.
Therefore, he opposes and will veto any act to provide in-state tuition for DACA/Dreamers/Illegal immigrants and believes it is a privilege that should be reserved for those here legally.



Bill opposes all forms of amnesty.


As an employer and a conservative, Bill knows that until we start to get government out of the way to allow a truly free market to work, weÕre going to have a broken system for us, our children, and our grandchildren.

Bill knows we must repeal Obamacare, inject real competition into the insurance industry, and reform TennCare through block grants and aggressive reforms that put the emphasis back on health and not just health-care. 


OPEN/CLOSED primaries

Bill supports CLOSED primaries.  He believes that we should do everything we can to cut down on crossover voting.


ISLAM in the US

Bill believes that the facts are clear about radical Islam and we have to stand up against an ideology that is fundamentally at odds with western values of free expression and individual liberty. 


Bill . ThereÕs legislation currently proposed by Ryan Williams that requires a sworn oath to vote, and heÕll be watching that bill closely."