The Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee operates as the governing body for the state party. They establish rules and measures that best promote the success of the Republican Party and the broadening of its base. The Republican SEC committee serves as the TNGOP’s state primary board and also establishes policy to guide and direct County Republican Parties. Each member serves as a representative of the TNGOP in their home district (one man and one woman are elected from each State Senate district) and helps to organize and promote Republican activism at the local level.

The purpose of the surveys is to show voters where the Republican SEC candidates stand on the major political issues within the Republican Party. The more a voter can learn about their candidates, the better they will be in choosing the candidate that can best represent them.

County Republican Parties are encouraged to contact any candidates in their district that do not complete this survey and to encourage them to do so. When a candidate does not complete the survey with the Republican voters they are essentially saying they do not want to share where they stand on the issues identified in the survey.


TN GOP SEC Candidate Survey Information